I'm Ashley.

In a room full of 37 photographers what makes you different?

Well I mean, I highly doubt you've met a girl that knows all the sports, only runs for food, can quote Star Wars to Avengers to Goonies, stuck up about her coffee, El Salvadorian/American, oh and by the way takes badass photos.

Welcome to Ashley Orellana Photography, I hope you enjoy browsing through all my photos. I am simply a photographer with a love affair with life. I firmly believe that every photo tells a story. Whether it's in the details of an event or the vast emotion of humans, every one has a story worth telling. In every session, event, or match it is a great privilege to capture your special moments of you living in the moment.

I hope to met you someday and maybe even talk over coffee, but until then put on your favorite outfit, do your hair, put on a smile, and rock your day.

It all started on a

point and shoot...

I started photography in the fourth grade. My dad was a media director at the time, and I would watch him create different pieces on the computer. I grabbed our point and shoot camera (clearly dating myself here) and started taking pictures. My goal? Simply to impress my dad, like really impress him. Not a oh good job like a wow that's good. And one day I finally got it. I took a photo of my kid sister and everyone was amazed. Point Ashley. From there, I started reading books on photography (YouTube wasn't really a thing yet), started practicing on a Nikon DSL camera and people started saying "Hey this girl is actually good at this". Started photo shoots and my first wedding in junior high with my dad, and by the time I was in high school my dad and I switched roles. I was booking clients on my own and the first shooter in weddings. End the rest? Well, Im still making history.

Women in Sports.

1 out of 37. 1 woman, 36 men.

Sports Photography is a passion of mine. From the lights to the camera to the action to the fans, it's all there. People living their best life. Friend or enemy or stranger united under a single game rallying, lamenting, or celebrating their team. It truly is the beautiful game.

In the midst, women are working behind the scenes passionately covering the game. But the question of why are there so few of us still remains? Let's be honest, its exhausting. Its tiring trying to land a spot, get approved for a match, proving your good enough, having a friend male photographer vouch for you.

In these moments, I think of all the women and girls I represent. The ones at home practicing their photography, the ones applying for their 10th credential, the ones showing their portfolio to anyone with eyes. All of those girls that need a reminder that they aren't alone, that need an easier path.

Those girls that almost quit, for them I hope to help pave the way. To a future where women feel wanted in sports.

The Process

01. Connect

Hi, what's your name?
The first step in any great session is establishing a connection. So give me all the tea, who's the drama queen? Who hates photos? Who's moms favorite? What is your tribes vibe?

lets be friends

02. Capture

The value of your story being communicated through photos, is why I am here. Now that I know you, let's capture your personality. What makes your story unique should be reflected in your photos, which is why no session looks alike (plus that's boring).

Bringing it To Life

03. Share

On a scale of 1 to 5 how was it???
Soo good right? Better than a popsicle on the Fourth of July! Share your experience! Plaster your photos all over insatgram, no ones judging I promise ;)

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